UK 49 Schlatest Outcomes

The uk 49 Tour is a very long and demanding cycle tour. I’ve done some cycle tours in Europe, but the UK is definitely on the top of my list. The scenery is breathtaking and the climate is ideal. It’s also suitable for cyclists of any age, with kids being able to pedal on their own and being supervised by an experienced guide (in case you have little ones). There are plenty of places to eat as well, so I always end up eating more than I’d planned!
The scenery varies from packed clay hilly terrain to peaceful countryside dotted with heathers. I really enjoyed the second day’s ride out of the town of Usti and found it to be a good place to get away. Whilst on my way out, I passed two tourists sitting on a bench by the river and they invited me to have a seat. They looked at me and said that they were only there for one day.
“You came to see what I could do,” I told them. “I was just about to leave but then I saw you and thought that it would be nice to see you again. We bought a meal here last time and it was great. Would you like to sit and chat?” The lady was positively happy but only because she felt special – she really missed her friend.
This trip was a great opportunity to meet lots of friendly people who live and work in Usti. One couple were Polish and came over to stay with us for a while. When they left, they organised to have a barbecue for us and toasted me (again) on my victory lap. I’m not normally a brave soul but these people were so kind that they provided a bucket and a shovel to make me a little extra lunch.
The next day, a group of teenagers from a nearby beach went out of their way to stop on our way to have their photograph taken. A man driving a big van pulled up alongside us and offered to drive us to our hotel. He asked us to sign in the photo that he took later that day, and when we did, he presented us with their photograph. A few days later they contacted us and thanked us for the favour. We met a man from a shipping company and he invited us to his home and we ended up eating his food.
A Dutch rugby player (played for Great Britain) named Davy took us out to a game he was playing in his village. A lot of the players were from outside of the area so we ended up getting to know a lot of new faces. A woman sitting next to us introduced herself as Maureen. We chatted for a while and she invited us to come to her country next weekend for a stag do. It turned out that Maureen is from New Zealand.