The best destination and the best deals on vacation rentals in Santa Cruz

The city of Santa Cruz is one of the few coastal cities in the great state of California that can offer the greatest advantages to spend the summer. Its beautiful beaches with fantastic sunsets are the perfect paradise for lovers, and its waves make it the favorite destination for surfers. Both the tranquillity offered by its walks by the sea and its friendly climate, are factors that make it a tourist destination par excellence.

Few coastal towns offer as much variety and tranquillity as Santa Cruz. Also, the inhabitants’ quiet and relaxed lifestyle is a real pleasure, which has led many tourists not to want to leave the city. All the houses have impressive views, paradisiacal landscapes that will make your imagination fly. So you can rent one of the santa cruz vacation rentals and have a spectacular summer.

Santa Cruz vacation rentals offer more than just beaches

Although not all is the beach and sun, Santa Cruz offers much more if we decide to explore a little in its surroundings. Large forests and mountain camps surround the city. There are vineyards and wineries throughout the city with wonderful tasting rooms, museums, and restaurants: there are many activities you can do in the city.

Beach house rentals in Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz is one of the cities with the most to offer on the entire North Pacific Coast Vacation rental costs in the cityare not that high. Also, when you make a comparison between the cost and the benefits, you will realize that you receive a lot and pay little with the best vacation rentals in Santa Cruz
The wide range of rental houses allows you to choose the type of accommodation you are looking for, from the most rustic and rugged to the most elegant. All are just minutes from the most important places and with all the necessary services at your disposal. Whether you want to camp in the mountains or spend a night under the stars on the beach, there is an option for everyone. Apartments and houses for groups of 8 people or more or houses of a few square meters to spend a weekend with your favorite person.