Meet With The Star Cast Of My Father’s Killers

People enjoy to watch motion pictures and website sequence, specially web sequence, while there is a whole lot exhilaration. The net collection is really hard to forecast, in addition to there exists a number of-episode for individuals, which gives them enthusiasm much more. In the following article, you will be aware concerning the movie named the ubice mog oca along with the storyline in the story. Browse the article with significantly attention if you neglected the demonstrate yet still need to know one thing regarding this.

The storyline of the online collection

This movie is undoubtedly an activity range, and in this motion picture, Aleksandra Jakovljevic, the guide position actor, has difficult conduct in the motion picture. He acquired a case – the killer killed the little girl of the popular guy model whose organization began developing the greatest residential. The film is centered on the examination, and that investigation goes in the path which torn Aleksandra their difficulties. Absolutely nothing results in the truth, and digging into every factor of the murdered young lady, he is unaware of the danger of getting subjected because somebody cares about covering in the hurting case as fast as possible.

Aleksandra has the personal ache of never fixed the murder of his father, Mileta. Mileta was a police representative as he got to realize that the murder can be connected to a younger woman, and it also becomes his goal. The internet sequence gone together with the movement and finished as a sorted out case.

About the legend cast

The cast of the internet collection ubice mog oca as follows.

•Vuk kostic – Aleksandra Jokovljevic

•Marko Janketic – Inspector Mirko

•Nina Jankovic – Jalena

•TihhomirStanic – Predrag Marjano

•Miodrag Radonjic – Zoran Janketic

•Katrina Radivojevic – Tuzilac Marijia

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